Working together to improve and maintain
 the Aleo network

Who we are

The Aleo network is devoted to educating the public on the potential of applied cryptography and specifically zero-knowledge proofs in the context of decentralized technologies like the internet. Its mission is to encourage an educational sandbox in which to explore this new but important design space, and to inspire and educate a diverse generation of developers (and aspiring developers) to explore the promise and potential of these technologies for promoting the public good. It will do this by promoting awareness of open-source tool kits that leverage this technology, encouraging related training, fostering an open-source ecosystem of related technologies, and funding grants that help promote or leverage this technology.

Contribute to the ecosystem with expert technologists, developers, and digital rights activists.

  • Optimistic

    We’re confident that a brighter, more secure future is coming.

  • Honest

    Accountability and transparency are built into everything we do.

  • Passionate

    We believe every individual has the right to share only the information they feel comfortable sharing.

  • Empowering

    We want users and developers to feel free to build and participate in an open web.

  • Determined

    Security shouldn’t be an afterthought. We’re here to make that a reality, no matter what it takes.

  • Smart (but humble)

    We wrote the research that underpins ZK technology — but you won’t hear us bragging about it.


Open roles

Join the core team building Aleo.