Aleo Grant Recipient: Pine Street Labs
May 02, 2022

Aleo Grant Recipient: Pine Street Labs

We’re excited to announce our first fireside chat with Philip, the CTO of Pine Street Labs. Pine Street Labs was one of our first grant recipients who began development and implementation of their wallet library.

About Pine Street Labs

Pine Street Labs builds secure and scalable enterprise wallet software for a multichain world. They help enterprise clients handle the right abstractions so they can focus on building their core business. Their software is chain-agnostic, complies with any custody scheme, and provides support for complex on-chain functionality including settlement, staking, and smart contract interaction.

Philip Glazman is a software engineer in the cryptocurrency space with a particular domain focus on crypto wallets & custody. He started his career at Bitmain working on the Bitcoin wallet. He was previously an early engineer at River Financial leading bitcoin and crypto custody. He is currently the co-founder of Pine Street Labs where he leads engineering efforts to build secure and scalable enterprise wallet infrastructure.

Philip chose Aleo because he was very interested in the potential of ZK proofs and what a fully private blockchain could provide in terms of making new applications possible.  Aleo is an incredibly high-quality project that is pursuing exactly this, and they wanted to be involved as one of their first grant recipients.

Why choose a wallet library?

One of the most difficult parts of successfully launching a new blockchain is getting adequate tooling in the hands of network participants such that the network can be useful from genesis. For many new layer-1 blockchains, it is difficult to have an ecosystem of wallets and wallet software that supports novel transaction cycles and transaction types at network launch; this results in either early adopters leveraging insecure tools or forgoing network participation all together.

Wallets are the gateway to any network, and Pine Street Labs wanted to provide the Aleo community with top grade wallet software to avoid this problem.

About the Wallet Library, Nemean

Nemean, named after the Nemean Lion in Greek mythology, is a wallet library (SDK) which encompasses key generation, key signing, and implements a client for the Aleo daemon to be compatible with snarkOS. Nemean is a foundational wallet library written mostly in Go with a reference wallet client as well as documentation.

Nemean will be used as a foundation for higher level libraries and applications including consumer wallets and exchange wallets by providing necessary scaffolding required by enterprise users to help them get on-boarded onto the Aleo network. Additionally, the library can be extended to comply with the Coinbase Rosetta API with further development.  Nemean was initially built for enterprise grade network participants such as custodians, exchanges, investors, and institutional miners, but Nemean can also be leveraged by wallet developers and regular users of the Aleo blockchain.

Learn more about Aleo's grant recipient, Philip,  CTO of Pine Street Labs, during our next fireside chat on May 3rd, 2022 at 10am PST/1pm EST. Register here.