Announcing Testnet Beta Prover Incentives
June 28, 2024

Announcing Testnet Beta Prover Incentives

Incentive programs are an integral part of the future of Aleo by inspiring and exciting developers to push the limits of zero-knowledge technology. Provers are a key part of how the Aleo Network works, solving coinbase puzzles in each block and generating zero-knowledge proofs in exchange for a reward. 

Our final incentive program before mainnet will be running from July 1-15th and will be aimed at prover’s on Testnet Beta. The goal of this incentive program is to validate the coinbase reward mechanism and the underlying puzzle. 

To that end, the Aleo Network Foundation will provide 1 million credits to provers. Each prover will earn mainnet credits proportional to the testnet credits they earn during the incentive period. The minimum reward is 1,000 mainnet credits; any prover earning fewer than this will not be eligible for a reward.

Participation Guidelines

Before deciding to participate, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Prior testnets have shown that while consumer-grade hardware can technically participate as a prover, it is unlikely to be effective due to high level of competition.

  • For more information on participating as a prover, refer to the README in the Aleo Network Foundation snarkOS repository.

Additionally, the Aleo team will be monitoring prover activity during the incentive period to identify anyone who may be trying to cheat the system. If you do not follow our guidelines, you will not receive rewards. The Aleo team also reserves the right to withhold rewards from any individual for any reason.

Usage of Aleo Credits

It’s important to keep in mind that:

  • Credits earned during this incentive period will be distributed after the mainnet launch.

  • Aleo credits are to be used as a payment mechanism for services on the Aleo mainnet.

  • They are not investments or investment vehicles and should not be treated as such; their value lies in their utility for mainnet functionality.

By claiming your rewards, you represent, warrant, and acknowledge that you are:

  • Not acquiring Aleo Credits as an investment and have no expectation of economic benefit or profit as a holder of Aleo Credits.

  • Not relying on Aleo or any of its employees or representatives in any way.

  • Not acquiring any equity or other ownership interest in Aleo by virtue of owning Aleo Credits.

  • Not misrepresenting Aleo Credits as an investment or an opportunity to obtain an economic benefit or profit.

Thank you for supporting Aleo's testnet and helping validate our protocol and infrastructure ahead of the mainnet launch. We appreciate the folks who have dedicated their time, energy, and computing power to ensuring that the network is as efficient and secure as possible.