Bringing Zero-Knowledge to the World
February 07, 2022

Bringing Zero-Knowledge to the World

As web applications demand greater scalability, privacy, and auditability, we at Aleo are doubling down on an ecosystem of decentralized applications powered by zero-knowledge cryptography.

‍The Aleo team has raised $200 million in a Series B funding round that values our company at $1.45 billion. I am thrilled to be sharing this moment with our team, our backers, and our ecosystem of miners, provers, and developers.

Aleo is fast-evolving and decentralizing.

‍In the past year, we launched Aleo Testnet 2, home to over 10,000 nodes and which is producing millions of zero-knowledge proofs–more than any platform in history.

With our network, miners and provers are earning 15,000,000 Aleo credits for successfully mining blockscontributing to Aleo codebases, and innovating on new hardware technologies that are improving the performance of zero-knowledge proofs. We are continuing to advance our network design to ensure it serves as a foundation for new applications and a catalyst for new hardware technologies for years to come.

Aleo is becoming a foundation for zero-knowledge applications.

With the help of over 2,200 community members over the past 6 months, Aleo has run the largest setup ceremony in history, in preparation for the production launch of the Aleo network.

As we begin integrating the Aleo Setup parameters into the Leo programming language, we are proud to be expanding the Aleo Grants Program from $1 million (USD) to $5 million (USD) in funding. Our developer grants program is designed to accelerate the vision for truly private and totally personal experiences on the web. With this increase in funding, we will be able to support even more developers in their journey to build their first zero-knowledge application.

The future of decentralized applications will be built on zero-knowledge cryptography powered by Aleo.

We at Aleo will use this round of funding to expand our ecosystem and advance the state of zero-knowledge provers in preparation for our mainnet launch of the Aleo network later this year. Our team is hard at work developing new tooling and infrastructure to accelerate the performance of zero-knowledge proof generation. And we are working with our community to test new designs for zero-knowledge protocols.

Aleo will expand its products and services offerings not only for the blockchain develops of today, but also for the web developers of tomorrow. We want zero-knowledge cryptography in the hands of every user on the web. As we continue developing the Leo programming language, we are hosting developer workshops, such as Leo at ZK Hack, to educate our community on the power of zero-knowledge.

Aleo is paving the way for zero-knowledge proofs on the web and we want to welcome developers everywhere to experience the power that this technology offers. Join us today.