Hello, again
August 29, 2023

Hello, again

Aleo has an evolved brand to better reflect our mission, values, and commitment to building a secure internet. We aim to build an actually secure internet with zk by design, creating a more private, secure, and empathetic digital world. As we embark on this journey, we want to ensure that our brand effectively communicates our vision and reflects our diverse community.

We have some exciting news to share today. After three remarkable years of growth, Aleo is starting a new chapter.

In 2019, we founded Aleo to build a truly private and secure internet experience powered by zero-knowledge cryptography. Our team set out to create a platform that enables fully private applications by leveraging decentralized systems to protect user data, addressing critical challenges slowing mainstream blockchain adoption. As a result, we were able to give developers and users unlimited computing potential at its core while ensuring complete privacy through zero-knowledge proofs.

Over the last three years, we've made massive progress toward reshaping decentralized systems and introducing new private web experiences. But obstacles remain as we mainstream this technology. Existing Layer-1 blockchains lack adequate privacy for real-world apps. Many projects prioritize technology over user experience. And closed-source blockchain platforms contradict the ethos of open ecosystems. 

The next era of the web must enable truly personal and user-private services. Today's model forces you to relinquish data for free services, creating conflict between users and providers. Aleo changes this by keeping data private with zero-knowledge cryptography. With this approach, you control your information while benefiting from a personalized web experience.

Now, as we prepare to launch mainnet soon, Aleo is evolving. To prepare for our big public debut, we've clarified our mission and refined our visual brand.

Our new mission is driven by the principles we stand behind: Aleo is zero-knowledge by design. We're the only full-stack, Layer-1 blockchain integrating zero-knowledge at every level to build an actually secure internet. As interest in zero-knowledge technology rises, we rally around this creed — true zero-knowledge must be fully private, efficient, and scalable. Building an app on Aleo goes far beyond scaling, though. Aleo is designed to bring ZK to any application. With this vision, we can expand the positive impacts of our privacy-first platform by empowering users to control how and when they share their own data. This mission has directly shaped the development of Aleo's new visual language.

Designing a more secure internet, one pixel at a time

Understanding our technology's role in assisting developers in building private on-chain applications with the power of ZK at their fingertips was our leading design inspiration. The new Aleo brand simplifies how we show up at every touchpoint. We’re aware that Aleo is not the star of the show: The applications built on top of our platform are. 

Therefore, we have refined our visual identity, clarifying how Aleo shows up in a way that acknowledges this. Our new logo utilizes a custom sans-serif font that reflects the accessibility and ease of use we want to bring to zero-knowledge technology. At the same time, the font has a modern, progressive look that signals our role in building the future of the internet.

A key element of our new logo is the protruding pixel from the middle of the “A” in Aleo. This bit represents a "proof" - the fundamental building block of zero-knowledge cryptography. Just as a single proof can secure an entire system, that solitary pixel highlights the outsized impact Aleo's technology will have. It shows how our zero-knowledge proofs form the basis of a monumental shift towards an internet that protects privacy by default. The pixel also acts as a connector, linking Aleo to the genesis of the digital world. Just as pixels were the original unit of digital images, Aleo's proofs will be the basic unit of the next phase of the internet.

By integrating this highly symbolic pixel into the very first letter of our name, we signal that zero-knowledge technology is woven into every aspect of Aleo. The technology does not sit on top of our platform — it is a fundamental part of our DNA. This logo encapsulates our mission to build the internet's future on a foundation of privacy through ZK proofs embedded at the core. This approach has also been translated to secondary and tertiary marks to be flexible for placements of all sizes.

We applied the same technique across our Aleo products and services: Leo has a new look, as well as zkCloud, snarkOS, snarkVM, Aleo Developer, Aleo Explorer, and Aleo SDK. This approach will be standardized for all new releases from Aleo. You can see this in action with our newly revamped website today.

Introducing our new font

The Aleo brand is also represented through a bespoke sans serif font designed exclusively for us: a versatile typeface that balances technical precision with modern simplicity. We opted for a sans-serif style to reflect the adaptability and flexibility core to Aleo's technology. The clean lines and open shapes allow our visual identity to work seamlessly across digital and physical media, from our website to app interfaces to marketing materials. This high functionality matches the technical capabilities of our zero-knowledge platform.

At the same time, the font has a refined yet progressive look and feel. It blends the technical typography of coding environments with a smooth, contemporary aesthetic. The font and new logo visually encapsulate our mission to make privacy-preserving solutions seamless and mainstream.

Our color palette has also been greatly simplified, focusing on ivory, coal, and stone, as well as an expanded secondary color palette to help us represent the myriad of use cases possible within the ecosystem.

What's next?

Starting today, you’ll see and feel a newly refined Aleo visual identity and tone of voice that reflects our mission to build a truly private and secure internet. The shift starts with our revamped website that offers new resources for builders, partners, and our community, social content, IRL events, product interfaces, and partner tags “Built with Aleo.” But it doesn’t end there. 

With Mainnet fast approaching, we will continually expand on how we show up for our community, partners, and developers with even more resources to dream, create, and build. We couldn’t have achieved what we’ve done in the last three years without you — now let’s take the next step together.