The Ambassador Program continues
June 23, 2023

The Ambassador Program continues

Hello 2023

2023 has been an active year for Aleo, and we’re only in March! Aleo’s Phase II of Testnet 3 successfully ended on January 31. We had over 44,000 Provers connect to the network and reached over 5 BILLION proofs per second. Some of those provers are even members of our Ambassador Program.As we begin to enter Phase III of Testnet 3 and prepare for Mainnet launch in 2023, we are updating the Ambassador Program once again and opening it up several more times in the coming months to welcome a new group of Aleo enthusiasts.The Ambassador Program was established in March 2022 with the goal of fostering a community of people who wanted to create quality and helpful content (both technical and non-technical) about Aleo. We wanted to showcase the incredible contributions that our community members had made.In the previous Ambassador Round, we announced some significant new changes:

  • We outlined a new points system to allow ambassadors to collect more Aleo Points* each month.

  • We announced a grading rubric for maestros to follow based on the submitted ambassador works.

  • We welcomed the voyagers, a group of ambassadors between the apprentices and the maestros.

  • We laid out the path for promotions (and even demotions!) within the Ambassador Program based on the quality of contributed works.

What We Have Accomplished

In under one year, our Discord has grown by more than 25,000 accounts (now sitting around 57,000+ verified members). In preparation for Aleo’s launch of Mainnet in 2023, we are ramping up the number of ambassadors we are welcoming. Currently, we have around 200 ambassadors and are looking to grow to about 400 by the time Mainnet launches! We have big goals for 2023, and a solid Ambassador Program will help to ensure that our community remains a helpful and encouraging place for people to build on Aleo.


As the Ambassador Program continues to evolve and grow, we’re announcing some new updates below that will help clarify a lot of questions. First and foremost, we have brand guidelines. We will no longer be using the subjective grading scale as we did in the past. Instead, if your submission follows the brand guidelines, you will receive max points on the grading scale:All submissions must adhere to the below…

  • There are no typos (for English text, use Grammarly’s free version).

  • All information is correct.

  • All logos, colors, and color variations come from our brand page

  • Posts should have NO MORE than two hashtags (hashtags are NOT necessary).

  • There is an included action item for readers (for example: follow @AleoHQ Twitter, run a client node, join our Discord, etc.).

  • We have also created a useful Twitter Handbook that dives deeper into some of these points.

Point System

We are launching our long-awaited ambassador bot (designed and built by an Aleo ambassador). The bot will interact directly with Discord making the monthly submission of materials and works much more straightforward. Say goodbye to Google Forms and Google Sheets! The bot also includes a leaderboard for ambassadors to see how they are doing among their peers.Please check the new Aleo Points* Table below. Most categories and points have stayed the same. We have removed the “personal projects” option.‍



Discord moderator

1 - 5

Create and share (on Twitter and Discord) 5 memes about Aleo’s functionality


Create a Tweet thread about an Aleo topic (how it works, Leo, Aleo Studio, etc.)


Design and share 5 GIFs, stickers, emojis about Aleo


Host a meetup online


Host a community competition (need prior approval from Viv)


Translate Aleo blogs/technical material


Create content (songs, quizzes)


Write a blog about Aleo (3+ pages)


Maintaining community accounts


Create and share a video about Aleo


Write a technical blog about Aleo


Host a meetup IRL (with a minimum of 10 attendees)


Contributions, bug reports, feature requests to Aleo repos (e.g. Leo, snarkVM, snarkOS)


Contributions to ARCs both discussions & PRs


Repositories that improve tooling, not just deployable applications.


Find bugs on current testnet 3


Create a private app on GitHub that could be deployed on testnet


‍As always, thanks for choosing to hang out with the Aleo community. We’re so happy you’re here as we continue on the journey to Mainnet 2023.*Aleo Points hold no inherent value.